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Paris New Year International Choral Festival

Event profile

The Festival takes place in Paris-Ille de France in early springtime, inaugurating the musical season with a series of concerts in churches, concert halls and other institutions while creating opportunities for French and foreign choirs to meet and fraternize.

The highlight of the Festival takes place in a stunning evening of music in the church of La Madeleine which gives its name to the surrounding neighborhood, next to the St.Honore Faubourg and the Grand Boulevards. In keeping with the wishes of the architect, the church is a perfect setting for large events. This is an international spiritual center which also plays an important role in Parisian cultural life, especially in the music world. Its impressive structure contributes to the great reputation of La Madeleine as an excellent concert hall. In fact, famous musicians such as Gabriel Fauré and Camille Saint-Saens, played the organ here.  Concerts at La Madeleine are well known and appreciated. Musicians from around the world gather here to offer their concerts.

It is at La Madeleine where all choirs participating in the event will gather and contribute to the festival closing event with their best songs, first individually and then all together. These are moments of deep emotion in the minds of all.


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Dates: 7 to 10th March 2019

Duration: 4 Days – 3 Nights

Location: Paris

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